Art Collection

La nostra galleria d’arte unica e inconfondibile. Ogni singolo pezzo è numerato per dare un valore aggiuntivo e  rendere ancora più esclusive le creazioni firmate Tatamama.

AM Collection

Craftsmanship becomes Art. It happens when a slab is simply perfect and exciting. A crime to dissect it into forms, a sin to place it side by side among others. You can only give it life in a work of art. A frame at the height of excellence and nothing more, except the changing and living uniqueness of the masters Antique Mirror.

Illusion Collection

The collection of the artist and designer Myriam Kuehne Rauner is composed of ten different works that interpret the theme “Illusion” with an artistic and strongly material concept.   The refined techniques for the realization of design objects vary from traditional to innovative.

Michel Giughese

“These mirrors can transport you to another dimension… I can go beyond matter” A journey without limits that takes advantage of all the combinations of Antique Mirror mirrors. “Black Sun”, “In another life”, Mother Nature”: precious works that give elegance and shine to any type of environment.

Svetlana Lisitsina

“There is something elusive and mysterious about this material. Smooth, shiny and cold. Its ability to add elegance and irresistibility to any
furniture is inevitable. It was glass and inspiration that gave birth to unique art objects.”

Maxime Ansiau

Mirrors as fragments to be recomposed in forms of natural art that bring back to the strength and the ancestral beauty of the crystals that are embellished so the changing shades of the Sienese masters of Antique Mirror.