Design collection

La nostra Design Collection raccoglie tutte le opere dei designer che hanno voluto mettersi alla prova con i nostri materiali. L’incontro tra l’ingegno e la passione per gli specchi ha portato alla creazione di oggetti unici e irripetibili.

AM Design

Projects born and raised within Antique Mirror and which stand out for their originality and uniqueness not only in the materials, but also in shapes and applications.

Myriam Kuehne Rauner

The Italian-German Designer creates works with a sculptural character, great attention to detail and the choice of precious materials. The line between art and design has never been so thin.

Cristina Celestino

An infinite partnership as infinite as the reflections of the objects that arise from Antique Mirror materials and from the inspiration of Cristina Celestino. A filtered and magically transfigured reality.

Claudio Di Palma

After graduating in Italy in Design for Innovation, Claudio did not stop going on a continuous search for creative motivation. He collaborated with the studios of Riccardo Blumer and Emmanuel Babled. He now lives and works in Amsterdam, but he does not forget Italy as evidenced by the collaboration with our brand.

Marco Gavotto

Graduated with honors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Cuneo, as the first step in a career as a designer that saw Marco distinguish himself in various fields. With Antique Mirror a partnership with pure and original lines.

Karim Rashid

Tireless and multifaceted, Rashid has created over 4000 objects put into production, created prestigious interior fittings and is present in 14 museums around the world. His creativity could only find fertile material in Antique Mirror mirrors.

Jacco Bregonje

At home in the Netherlands, where he was born, as in Italy, where he worked since the early 90s: Jacco has established himself as one of the leading designers of the Dutch school. His “Divina” chair is part of the permanent collection of SFMOMA (San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art).