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The main interior design trends of 2022

In the wake of past years it seems that interior design has re-evaluated the beauty of old and imperfect objects, learning to appreciate every little detail. Asymmetries and irregularities seem to be the bearing elements of this new year.

Just like our Tatamama products, unique pieces made by the expert hands of our craftsmen, capable of recreating a fresh and natural atmosphere without renouncing the latest trends.

Without delaying further, here are the interior design trends for 2022.

Neutral and natural shades

In these last two years of the pandemic we have spent much more time inside our homes and the need to recreate a peaceful and welcoming environment has almost become a priority. To achieve it, the choice will fall on neutral and natural tones. Almost spontaneously, the color palettes will include greys, beige, whites and browns in the warmest shades, but without missing a hint of green, decidedly relaxing, and some shades of intense pink, to expand warmth.

Biophilic design

The biophilic design is inspired by the love for nature, which dictates the canons of interior design this year. The goal will be to bring nature into the rooms with the use of plants, and match them with furnishings in the same color palette.

We are naturally inclined to find well-being in a natural environment and therefore it could only benefit our mood. The same lighting and natural ventilation could only favor this system.

Multifunctional spaces and furnishings

The latest trend of 2022, which we present to you today, is the increasing attention being paid to multifunctional spaces, as well as to furniture, rooms and furnishings.

Staying at home for months has allowed us to reevaluate the use we can make of the space in our home and the functions we could introduce to improve each single room. During the pandemic we had the need to carve out some corners of our home to be able to transform them into small offices or study rooms, allowing us to think in a multifunctional way. This concept does not stop only at spaces, but goes as far as individual furnishing objects which, if they also have a purpose, in addition to their aesthetic beauty, are more appreciated. In this sense, we can offer you our Home Collection by Tatamama, unique and functional pieces of furniture perfect for decorating your home in an original way.

We want to keep up with the times and leave room for new ideas. This is just the start of a new year and we can’t wait to see what it holds. Continue to follow us to stay updated on the latest news.

The Antique Mirror team